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An example of this kind of technology is biometrics. Biometrics are the characteristics and traits used to identify a person. In the past, biometrics used to simply be finger print archives done with ink; however, in modern times biometric technologies have evolved into iris detection, finger print scanning, voice recognition, and
Free Essay: How Biometric Security Technology Works One of the most important ways that biometric technology is impacting security lies within the confines...
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Biometrics in security is an up-to-date issue, so it' a nice topic choice for an academic paper. Feel free to use the ideas suggested in this example.
Biometrics: Uses and Abuses. Bruce Schneier; Communications of the ACM; August 1999. Biometrics are seductive. Your voiceprint unlocks the door of your house. Your iris scan lets you into the corporate offices. You are your own key. Unfortunately, the reality isn't that simple. Biometrics are the oldest form of identification.
The biological or physical biometrics used includes fingerprints, a hand scan, DNA, and iris scan. Behavioral biometrics or traits include voice scans, keyboard strokes and signatures. The process of biometric authentication has two main stages. In the first stage, an individual's biological or behavioral traits are extracted and
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Argument. In a short essay published by the San Diego Law Review, George Washington University professor Daniel J. Solove recently examined what he called the “nothing to hide” argument11. When asked about government surveillance and data mining, many people respond by declaring "I've got nothing to hide.
Biometric sensors – Logging into the machine or for any accounts such as a Gmail account would soon be able to be achieved with the use of one's body parts, with computer systems allowing biometric sensors for the purpose of recognition. The computer technology can be said to have evolved significantly. While there

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